Burn Time:10-12 hours each candle.

You will receive 5 large beeswax tea lights.

Honeycomb beeswax tea lights are made using the high quality 100% PURE Canadian beeswax.

Enjoy the pleasant scent of 2 million flowers with every candle!

Beeswax candles are non-toxic and offer a clean long bright burn. They are a healthy and environmentally  friendly alternative to paraffin/soy candles. Excellent for people with allergies or asthma.

*Ribbon on box is not included unless requested for before checkout.

Did you know?

As beeswax burns, it cleans the air around you by releasing negative ions. Negative ions eliminate form the air dust, smoke, mould, pollen, pet dander, food odour, and airborne bacteria. Leaving behind clean air for you and your family/friends to enjoy. Beeswax candles are especially great for people who suffer from sinus, allergies or asthma symptoms.

Cannot decide on a  gift? How about a handcrafted pure beeswax candle that is a natural air purifier! Gift of health, happiness and light. Perfect for any formal or casual occasion and whatever else you’re into :)

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