A box made just for lovers who light up the night!

Each box includes:

-2 Honeycomb Tea Lights

-2 Rose Ball Candles

-1 Round Smooth Pillar Candle

With every beeswax candle, enjoy a beautiful golden glow that will bring out the romance and warmth of your night. Made using PURE Canadian Beeswax, candles are 100% natural, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. 

Along with the beauty of flowers, let’s share its nectar and enjoy its pleasant aroma in a way that will also light up your night.

Beeswax candles spark a flame like no other, a passionate flame indeed.  ;)

Did you know?

Pure beeswax candles act as natural air purifiers! As they burn, they clean indoor air pollution by removing harmful toxins and airborne bacteria. A simple candle is able to eliminate dust, smoke, mould, pollen, pet dander, food odour, and airborne bacteria. Beeswax candles are great for improving our overall health, especially our respiratory system.

Great for lungs and the environment. 

Lets save our bees! Taking on many forms, bees source a medicine so sweet, pure and unique. Beeswax is a very efficient burning fuel that burns longer, stronger, and most importantly cleaner than any other fuel on earth. It is the answer to a lot of our problems; however, it is often overlooked, just like the irreplaceable bees that make it. It is important for us to understand its full potential and preserve the only creatures on Earth, who make it. A part of my portion from candle sales go towards helping our bees, thank you for being part of the solution. Every little and everyone can help.

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