Set of 4 Small Gold Tins – 3 in 1 Candle I Solid Perfume I Body Butter

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Made using a luxurious 100% natural vegan wax blend, our 3 in 1 candles are a solid perfume and moisturizing body butter. Each candle is crafted using non-toxic, paraben free, phthalate free and paraffin free ingredients.

CHARITY- Notes of citrus, strawberry and vanilla create this delicious sugary scent. Every time we give charity, we are surely rewarded with something much sweeter. Burn time is 20+ hours per tin.

FORGIVENESS- Smells like freshly cleaned linen with notes of lilac, jasmine and amber. Just as we wash our clothes, it is important to cleanse our heart and soul by forgiving those who hurt us. Burn time is 20+ hours per tin.

MERCY- Captivating scent inspired by the blossoming trees with notes of balsam, cedarwood and musk. The beautiful mercy of Allah is all around us, just look at and listen to the sounds of nature. Burn time is 20+ hours per tin.

PATIENCE- A warm blend of spicy musk and sweet vanilla. Enduring a trial can be bitter, but rest assured the outcome is sweetened by every challenge. Burn time is 20+ hours per tin.

With every 4pcs gold tin candle set you get a 2 free pure wood tasbihs made from olive trees. It is a gift from us to you at no extra cost during Ramadan. *Colours may vary from dark to light wood.

Our Ramadan collection is very special and first of its kind. With every beautiful scent, there is a quote from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on each jar. These quotes were picked to remind us of how daily humble acts are rewarded and appreciated in Islam. Every time you or a loved one lights/wears our candle, we hope your heart is filled with love for our beloved Prophet and you are encouraged to better yourself with simple yet life changing and truly impactful acts.

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