4 Reusable + Moldable Food Wraps - Waterproof

  • Product Code: Set of 4 Reusable + Moldable Food Wrap Eco-Wrap
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All natural reusable food wraps offer an eco-friendly + cost efficient way of securing and keeping your food fresh. Each wrap allows food to breathe, while it’s water proof surface ensures food stays dry and protected.

Using body heat, simply mold the reusable wrap into any shape around or on top of food. It will hold it’s form until you decide to remold it again. Reusable wraps are antibacterial, making them easy to care for and safe for everyone to use.

Some ways to use your wrap:

Cover bowls, plates, cups etc.

Turn it into a food plate or munchies bag

Wrap sandwiches- makes a great traveler sandwich bag

Directly cover left over cheese, fruits or vegetables

Our wraps are very versatile and can be used many different ways! 

Care Instructions:

Simply run each wrap under cold water, hang to dry.

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