Benefits of Beeswax

For centuries, the sweet nectar of flowers has been used in food and medicine to restore, preserve and heal. The amazing health benefits derived from both honey and beeswax are recognized by science for their remarkable healing properties. Taking on many forms, beeswax is the cleanest and most efficient burning fuel on Earth. When used to make candles in its purest form, it transforms into an air purifier.

As pure beeswax candles burn, they release negative ions that clean our indoor air pollution. Negative ions purify the air by removing toxins, dust, mould, smoke, pet dander and other airborne bacteria/viruses. Clean air is essential for our overall health and can significantly improve our quality of life.

Understanding and creating a genuine bond with bees gives us hope for a cruelty free symbiosis that benefits all creatures on Earth.

 At Bee Purified, our beeswax candles contain no paraffin, lead, benzene, stearic acid or any other byproduct. We only use 100% PURE CANADIAN BEESWAX sourced directly from Mother Nature herself!